Coroner's Report (60 Minute Horror Game)

Coroner’s Report is a fully immersive and customizable 60 minute escape room experience. The game has over 100 combined 5-star reviews on Facebook, TripAdvisor, and Google. This game package outlines how to build and implement the puzzles, create a fully immersive set, and how to operate the game. It also includes a comprehensive game hosting scare manual.

A long time ago, there was an old hospital in town called Ambrosia General Hospital. In the 1970s, it was mysteriously and suddenly shut down. This came as a surprise until years later, the true story about AGH was exposed. The doctors had been conducting strange experiments and dissections on their patients and disappeared since the closure of AGH. Over the past few months, you’ve heard a lot of rumours that suggest that the doctors are back and using the abandoned hospital to kidnap and eat former patients. You and your friends get curious and decide to enter AGH late one evening to find out the truth about this abandoned building. Turns out that the rumours are true, and you've found yourself trapped in the building. Time is of the essence, and you need to escape. Will you be able to survive?

★★★★★ Reviewed 14 August 2017- On TripAdvisor by graceemmalaw333

Extraordinary experience

My family and I did coroners report. We brought 4 people, including a 13 year old and 3 year old. The escape room was very exciting and tense (In a good way). It was extremely fun, I personally recommend horror escape rooms because they add a boost to the escape room. This was one of the best experiences of my life, the 13 year old kept begging to come back and the 3 year old wasn't too horrified, it actually pointed at the actors and had fun, asking to come back once we left. I definitely recommend coming here, I thought it was a scary experience before I came in and that I wouldn't enjoy it but it was very excited and good for building teamwork.


Abandoned hospital

Staff Requirements:

Only one game host is required to run the game. Their main job is to explain the rules of the room, the backstory of the game, and to greet them at the end, regardless of escape or not.

The game host also acts as a scare actor. Scare points are built in the beginning of the game while players are handcuffed, during the middle of the game with specific puzzles, and at the end when players escape. For example, if the players escape out, the game host can wait around the corner, and jump scare the players when they exit. Alternatively, if they do not escape, the game host can run in for a final scare before letting the team know their time is up. A full description of the scare actors job is in the Game Hosting Manual near the end of the document.

Space Requirements:

The game requires three rooms. This game can be built out to specifications or can be fit into an existing space. We recommend at least 340 sq ft of space for this game.

Length of game/ Reset:

The game is a 60 minutes escape room experience. Reset is 5 minutes. To keep reset as short as possible, fasten down most objects that aren’t used for puzzles. We recommend doing this as it shortens reset, and will result in less damaged props.

The number of players:

This game is designed for a minimum of 4 players with a maximum of 8. Due to the number of puzzle streams in the room, this game is well equipped to handle groups as large as 8 players.

The package will be sent via email within 48 hours of purchase.