The Human Head Jigsaw 538 pieces

Welcome to our puzzle race! Everyone that orders this puzzle will be in a puzzle race against other individuals that purchase this specific puzzle. 

How it works: 

  • Please be honest! Don't cheat. We're using the honour system for this.
  • Time how long it takes you to complete this puzzle from start to completion.
  • Deadline to submit your times: Friday, June 5th at 11:59 PM. Submit your times and completed puzzle pictures to 
  • We will post whoever wins the puzzle hunt, so make sure to send us a picture of your completed puzzle!
  • We will draw a winner at random from all completed puzzle participants, and they will win a free copy of Zombie Dice!
Genius Games presents Dr. Livingston?s human anatomy puzzles, a line of larger-than-life jigsaw puzzles. The puzzles feature stunning art created just for us by Mesa Schumacher, a certified medical illustrator from Johns Hopkins University! In this first volume, you'll assemble a cross-cut section that gives you a clear view of the components of the head and neck. You'll see how they interlock and overlap with marvelous complexity. Piece together the brain, and the thick, bony skull which protects the brain, and the jaw and teeth. You'll assemble one eye and the muscles that support and move it. As you build the neck you'll Marvel at how it serves as an information superhighways - protecting the spinal cord, a concourse of blood vessels and nerves, and housing The esophagus, larynx, trachea, and thyroid gland. Complete the puzzle by fitting in the muscles of the neck which support and move the heavy head. The human head puzzle is 538 piece puzzle with dimension 23 x 18 inches when fully assembled.

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